Blueprint Revealed: Free Traffic with Quora & ChatGPT

Ask any online marketer what’s the most important factor in their business – and most of them will emphatically exclaim, “Traffic! We need traffic!”

While other factors such as conversions, SEO, etc. are important too, it’s undeniable that traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. The internet is teeming with traffic.

Sites like Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc. get billions of visits a day. All you need to do is siphon a minuscule fraction of traffic from these sites and you’ll have it made.

One particular site that gets a lot of traffic but which is often overlooked and untapped by marketers is Quora.

This question-and-answer site is very popular and a fantastic way to tap into user-generated content for traffic generation.

If we did a search on SimilarWeb, this is what we’d see…

That’s a lot of traffic!!!

You’d be doing yourself a disservice by not leveraging Quora which is teeming with targeted traffic. But first, it’s important to understand something…

You’re in This for the Long Haul

Unlike paid advertising that gives you results and feedback fast, using Quora to drive traffic to your web properties will take time.

Almost all methods of free, organic traffic take time to bear fruit.

The more questions you answer and the longer you spend planting your ‘traffic seeds’ the better results you’ll see.

Your traffic which seems non-existent in the beginning, will slowly become a trickle… then snowball… and finally, you’ll have an avalanche of traffic to your site.

But you’ll need to consistently answer questions on Quora for 6 months to a year… and longer.

Most beginners just aren’t willing to dedicate the time and virtual sweat equity to the process.

They want fast results… and quit too soon. So they never gain traction on the Quora platform.

If you’re consistent and establish yourself on the platform, Quora will send you traffic all the time.

But there’s another important point you MUST be aware of!

Pace Yourself!

Answering too many questions too soon and dropping your links all over your posts will only get your account banned. You MUST take things slowly.

Follow the pointers below…

1. Post 3 answers a day for 30 days. When we say post, we mean answer other users’ questions.

2. Do NOT add links in your posts during these 30 days. We’re trying to show Quora that we’re there to provide value.

3. NEVER add your affiliate links to your posts – even after 30 days. The platform doesn’t look kindly upon affiliate links.

4. After 30 days, try to answer 5 posts a day. You may add 1 link for every 5 posts. Do this for the next 30 days.

5. From Day 61 to Day 90, you may add 1 link for every 3 answers.

6. From Day 91 onward, you may add 1 link in every answer you post. Do use common sense here and avoid excessive self-promotion.

We’ve asked ChatGPT to put this information into a table for easy reference.

Where Should I Point My Links?

From Day 31, you’re allowed to add 1 link in every 5 answers you post. Since affiliate links are not allowed, most marketers often wonder, “Where can I link to?”

Here are a few web properties you can link to:

  • Your Facebook Group
  • Your YouTube Channel
  • Your Blog Post
  • Your Landing Page (Squeeze Page)
  • Your Resource Page

The rule of thumb is to have your links pointing to several different web properties you own.

For example, if you’re answering a question about “How to add a ConvertKit form to a webpage”, the best link to use in this case would be a YouTube link to your tutorial video.

Or you could embed the video in your Quora answer with a call-to-action (CTA) such as: “To become a pro at using ConvertKit, see my tutorials here!” (This is not a real link)

Now you’ll be able to drive traffic to your YouTube channel… and you may wish to have a link in your video description pointing to your landing page.

This method makes the most sense since the question is technical in nature and best answered with a video.

However, if you’re answering a question such as, “How do I increase my email open rates?” …

In this case, you’ll answer their question and have a CTA such as:

Skyrocket your email open rates with my free Inboxing Secrets report!

This link will take the visitor to your landing page where they can sign up to download your report.


You’ll need a reliable page builder such as OptimizePress to build your landing page.

If you need landing page copy… just use ChatGPT. We’ll give it a prompt like this:

And it generated this awesome copy:

If we want shorter bullet points, we can just ask it to shorten the points.

From here, you just need to add the copy to your landing page. You can easily get an ecover done for your report by hiring someone on Fiverr.

If you wanted, you could even get ChatGPT to write the lead magnet for you. Never has it been easier to build a list.

Well, the basics have been covered. Now for the fun part – using Quora to drive traffic!

Let’s begin…

Step #1 – Sign Up with Quora

You may sign up here.

Step #2 – Fill Out Your Bio

Once you have your Quora account, you’ll need to do a few things…

  1. Choose your interests. Quora will offer you a few options. Just choose about 5-10 interests that are closely related to the niche you’re in.
  2. Add your profile photo. Ideally, you should add a photo of yourself. People like interacting with other people. They want to put a face to the content.
  3. Add your credentials.
  4. Write a bio.
  5. Add links to your blog/Facebook group/YouTube channel, etc.

We’ll look at a real-life example now.

If we searched for the term increase open rates, these are some of the results that would show up…

Right at the top, we see an answer by a user named, Andy Thorpe. If we hovered over his name, we’d see this…

Click on his name and we’ll see his full profile…

Notice how it says, “Email marketer, coder and deliverability bloke, since 2006” just below his name?

That’s a profile credential (see image below).

Don’t confuse this with the profile description.

Once you click on the profile credential, a lightbox will pop up for you to add your own profile credential.

Of course, you want it to be catchy but also tell the reader what you’re all about. We’ll get ChatGPT to help us out here.

First, we’ll compile a list of about 7-8 profile credentials from other users who are popular on Quora.

Then we’ll ask ChatGPT to write a profile credential for us…

Isn’t that fantastic?

The line grabs attention, is fun and gets the point across that we know email marketing. Brilliant.

Your profile credential is a very important piece of ‘real estate’. It makes an impression on the reader in seconds – and you want it to be a good one.

Do NOT waste this space.

For example, the user below stated in his profile credential, “Lives in Los Angeles (1997–present)”

That’s all well and good – but it doesn’t grab attention or establish credibility or authority. The information doesn’t really do anything for the readers.

If you’re hoping to drive traffic, your profile credential must get attention so you increase your chances of getting views and followers.

Once your profile credential is done, it’s time to write, “A description about yourself”

You could write one yourself or give ChatGPT the details and ask it to generate one for you. In this example, we’ll let it do the work for us.

From the earlier example, Andy Thorpe’s profile was about 70-80 words. It’s short enough for people to read completely – and enough to make a positive impression.

So, we’ll keep ours to this length too.

Let’s get ChatGPT to do some work!


Step #3 – Finding Questions to Answer

When it comes to answering questions on Quora, there are 2 metrics to pay attention to…

1. The age of the question

2. The number of followers a question has

If you look at the left sidebar in Quora, you’ll see that you can filter the questions you wish to answer by the time.

Ideally, you’ll want to answer a few new questions (which are related to your niche) daily.

Let’s assume that we’re in the Fiverr niche and we want to drive traffic to our blog on making money with Fiverr. We’ll now need to answer pressing questions that people have on Fiverr.

If we typed Fiverr into the search bar… we’d see these results.

You’ll notice that many of these questions have a high follow count.

That means several people are following this thread. You’ll want to answer 1 question a day for all these high follower count posts.

These will get more eyeballs on your replies.

The next step will be to search for terms that you think people will be searching for on Quora.

In this example, “Get more sales on Fiverr” seems like a logical search term.

And if we filter results by time (“Past week) … these are the results we’ll get…

These newer questions won’t have many followers (yet)… but you should still go ahead and answer them.

When we click on each question to answer them, if you looked at the right sidebar, you’ll see ‘Related questions’.

Guess what?

Yes, you can answer those too!

Just remember… pace yourself. It’s easy to get carried away and answer as many as you want.

But it’s best to err on the side of caution. Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.

You don’t want to flag the Quora algorithm because of your overenthusiasm.

Another technique for finding questions to answer…

Do a Google search for “your keyword + Quora”

In this example, we’ll search for, “get sales on Fiverr + Quora” … and these are the results…

These questions are ranking on Google – and you’ll definitely want to answer them.


Let’s assume we’re in the affiliate marketing niche, and we do a search for the keyword, “affiliate marketing” on Quora.

If we filter our results by “Spaces” – we’ll see this…

Spaces are basically like groups focused on specific niches. If we clicked on the first result, we’ll see that this space has 91.6K followers.

Now you can choose to follow this space (or any that’s popular and related to your niche) … and… you’ll see that people post questions in these spaces too.

You can try and be helpful by answering some of the questions here.

Do note: These spaces have admins – so you don’t want your posts to be overly promotional or spammy. Provide value first, and as people get to know you, you can slowly share links and so on.

Keyword Research

While keyword research is beyond the scope of this report, it’s important that you have a good grasp of this skill so that you know what keywords to search for on Quora.

Ahrefs is an excellent tool for this… and it will show you which Quora answers are ranking on the first page of Google too. That’s highly useful information to the astute marketer.

You may wish to read this blog post on leveraging Ahrefs to get the best out of your Quora marketing.

Getting ChatGPT to Answer Questions for You!

In the past, we’d need to write the answers ourselves. These days, with ChatGPT, we can let it churn out answers (to questions) in seconds.

For example, let’s assume we want to answer this question on green juice recipes…

We’d just go to ChatGPT and tell it to give us a recipes… like this…

There you go! The question is answered in seconds. You can tweak it a little and paste it as your answer.

This principle applies to most questions on Quora.

Use ChatGPT to generate answers for you – tweak them a little. Add your link/s when you can, and if it’s relevant.

Formatting Your Answers

Most of the people who answer questions on Quora just type in the text as is and make no changes to it. Huge chunks of small text can be boring and arduous to read.

By formatting your answers, you’ll not only be able to make your content easier to read, but your answers will stand out.

If we go back to our earlier question about “Promoting your gig on Fiverr”, and we looked at the top-ranking answer, we’d see this…

Ryan Paul’s answer is outstanding because he has used an image, bold text, numbered points – and he has asked readers to follow him and upvote his answer.

As expected, his answer has over 218K views and 637 upvotes. Very impressive.

Just by going the extra mile and formatting his answer, he has garnered a lot more engagement and traction.

Make sure you format your answers. Here are some ways you can do that:

1. Add images to your post (you can create them for free in Canva).

2. Embed a video in your answer (if a video tutorial will explain things better).

3. Use bullet points or numbered points.

4. Format your text.

What? You have no idea what type of formatting is allowed?

Let’s ask ChatGPT!

If you’re wondering where to find these formatting options on Quora…

After you’ve entered your answer, you’ll see text (Aa) and an image icon below the box…

If you click on the text icon, the options to format the text will be revealed to you.

Of course, when you click the image icon, you’ll be able to embed images within your answer.

When formatting and adding images, try not to overdo it. One or two images are fine. Too many irrelevant ones will be distracting. Always remember that your answers should be engaging, information and concise.

Answer Templates

It goes without saying that when you’ve been answering questions for a while, some questions will become repetitive. Answering them can become a chore.

The best way to get around this problem will be to keep a text file with template answers to common questions.

Whenever you see a question that’s like one you’ve answered before, just use this prompt in ChatGPT…

“Rewrite this answer: Paste your old answer here

ChatGPT will give you a brand-new answer based on the answer you wrote before. Wow! What a miracle.

Now you can tweak the generated response and use it in your answer.

Even if you’ve answered the same question (written in a different way) before, you should still answer the new question. And we’ll tell you why…

Firstly, People are lazy by nature and would rather type in new questions than search for past answers on Quora.

Secondly, new people are coming online all the time. If you’re in the Fiverr niche, you’ll be able to generate new leads and traffic when you answer new questions.

So it’s worth the effort.

Quora is Simple!

As far as traffic generation tactics go, Quora marketing is very simple in concept.

Execution, however, is difficult because of the consistency required.

To answer questions daily can be a chore, but if you set aside 30 minutes daily, with ChatGPT’s help, you’ll get the task over and done with in no time at all.

Besides the tips we mentioned above, there are a few other tips you can try out!

* Use to discover questions that people are searching for. Check if similar questions appear in Quora.

* If you see an answer doing well on Quora and you want to beat it, copy and paste the question and answer into ChatGPT.

Then ask it how you could “improve the answer”.

From there, you generate a better answer and use that in your reply. With good formatting, your new answer may beat the one that’s ranking well. It’s all about providing the most value.

One Final Point…

Once you have over 100 posts, you’ll want to analyze the stats on your Quora dashboard.

These analytics will tell you which of your answers are getting the most engagement and performing well.

You’ll also gain insights into which questions are hot in your niche and you can focus on answering more of these types of questions. To truly succeed with Quora, you must pay attention to your stats too.

Let’s Wrap Things Up!

By now you’ll realize that Quora is a fantastic way to generate traffic. The method is simple and there aren’t too many variables involved.

If you target the right questions and provide outstanding answers (with ChatGPT’s help), you’ll do just fine on the platform.

Once you’ve demonstrated that you’re providing value, after 90 answers, you can start adding your links.

It may seem like overkill making 90 posts before adding links to your answers – but we’re being cautious here.

After you’ve been on Quora for 90 days and/or you have over 200 answers, you can go back to your earlier posts and edit them – and add one link to each post .

Do this on 2 posts a day, and over time, every single answer you’ve ever posted on Quora will have a link and be a passive traffic generating opportunity for you.

The techniques in this article work, if you’ll work them.

So apply them daily and build your Quora presence. In time to come, you’ll have target traffic that builds your list and even buys products through your link.

Start your Quora marketing journey today!