Discover the FASTEST Way to Build a Proven Online Business at Warp Speed with Minimal Risk!

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So, how do you create a fast online business with almost zero risk of failure and do it faster than you could possibly imagine?


Steal a proven online business model.

You’re probably thinking, “Wait, what?!!”

Actually, it’s called ‘modeling’ a business now… because you’re not stealing it.

Modeling = Finding a proven business model that another marketer is making money with and using the exact same system.

They can’t do anything about this as long as you don’t copy their products, any of their names, or brand names, and you don’t infringe or plagiarize any of their work.

Here’s a crazy extreme example:

If you see a marketer who is using posters tied to trees at stop signs with a phone number to call, which sends leads to a pre-recorded message offering a course on cloning dinosaurs for fun and profit, and it’s making them a million dollars per month…

YOU can copy that exact same system as long as you don’t actually steal any content, intellectual copyright, or anything that is legally owned by them (Do your due diligence, of course, because I’m not a lawyer).

But they can’t OWN the business model.

You can legally replicate it.

To be clear:

If a competitor or another seller in your niche (or outside it for that matter) has a system or funnel that works, there is no reason you can’t implement the exact same system (not the actual products) in your own business as long as you don’t infringe on any copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights.

It’s the reason that multiple fast food places copied McDonald’s ‘supersize’ upgrades or that the age-old Buy one get one free offers exist in almost all marketplaces.

It’s why ‘No cash down’ offers exist; it’s why ‘If you can find one cheaper, we’ll refund the difference’ claims pop up all over the place.

Because someone found a system that worked and their competition copied it.

It’s as old as business itself!

The only way to prevent this is to make your systems SO complex that no one either understands them or has the will to copy them OR not to care when someone does copy you.

But the chances are that you WON’T be the originator; you’ll be the copier (copyist?).

Think about the one-click upsells that I (and many other marketers) use in our businesses?

I modeled the idea.

Obviously, I didn’t originate it.

It’s the same concept.

Hell, if you’re in the internet marketing field, chances are even your PRICING is borrowed (they all end with a ‘7,’ right?), so don’t worry about it.

So your next port of call when looking to increase the profitability of your existing business or start another (AFTER looking at your existing structure and putting your prices up) should be looking at what your competition is doing.

There’s a marketer I know who blatantly created a drip-feed course with the delivery modeled on the style of another marketer called Jimmy D. Brown…

And Jimmy had made hundreds of thousands of dollars from a drip-fed course about internet marketing.

The marketer who modeled Jimmy did the same thing (but the content was all his and totally unique) … and this guy too made hundreds of thousands of dollars from it.

Yes, one of the first big breakthroughs in his business came from modeling another marketer’s course delivery.

So modeling other profitable business strategies does work!


Over the past few years, I’ve developed my own systems (which other marketers copy now) … and that’s ok.

But more importantly, why would I NOT duplicate my competitor’s system when I can see that it’s working for him AND I can see it would be a perfect fit for my business?

This reminds me of a quote by Isaac Newton…

If you model another marketer’s system, make sure it will fit in with your current business rather than trying to change it or build another business to MAKE it fit.

It’s a no-brainer.

Why risk devising a business model that may or may not work for you when you can SEE someone operating something that is obviously successful?

Even better, you could get on their email list, maybe buy a few products, run through their sales funnel or process, and if they’re a decent marketer, might even be happy to answer a few questions about their strategy (I’m fine with that).

So simple, so clever.

Read Tony Robbins’ quote below and apply this principle on modeling success in your own online business!