The R-Factor: Unveiling the Ultimate Money-Making Secret for Info Product Sellers

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There’s a saying, “People love to buy, but they hate being sold to.”

So how DO you put out just as many offers, send just as many emails and launch just as many products as your competition…

WITHOUT pissing off your list, your buyers, the entire WarriorPlus community and yet still be able to sell as hard as you want?

Let’s start with a tiny bit of background.

When you email (or however you contact) your audience you’re going to be perceived in one of two ways:

  1. An annoying nuisance
  2. A welcome friend

Maybe somewhere in between the two.

But here’s the thing:

If you can position yourself MORE towards being a welcome friend than an annoying git then you can make more offers, launch more products and basically sell as much as you want WITHOUT seriously increasing your unsubscribe rate.

So how do you do it?

Well, you use the R-FACTOR.

No… it’s not this…

The R-Factor is possibly the greatest thing I’ve ever learned about making offers.

GIVE THEM A REASON! (R for Reason)

Seriously, this is incredibly powerful.

When you put out an offer, it will be much more acceptable (without people hitting the spam button or unsubscribing) if you give them a reason.

More than that, it ALSO gives you a great excuse (sorry, ‘reason’) for running special deals, discounts and bundles.

Here’s an example:

’24 Hour BIRTHDAY BASH Sale..
Means 50% Off My Traffic Course!

An excuse to run a flash sale.

Also previous buyers who purchased at full price won’t be too pissed off when they see the discount because, well it’s a ‘birthday bash sale’ and we’re accustomed to those in everyday life, right?

The problem is, you only have one birthday per year and if you start to run them every month someone is going to notice.

Luckily, if you search carefully, you can find a celebration day for EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR if you wish 🙂

You won’t have to of course because even the most prolific product creators aren’t going to be able to create a decent product weekly let alone daily.

But when you DO promote (or re-open) or launch your product…

No matter when you launch, you can always find a nearby ‘special day’ to use as an excuse for your product launch, discounts, or reopening an old offer.

Here are a few examples:

  • Birthday Sale
  • Christmas Specials
  • New Year Specials
  • Easter Special
  • Weekend Sale
  • Monthly Fire Sale
  • Wedding Anniversary 90% Sale
  • Black Friday Special
  • Cyber Monday Discount Bonanza
  • Holiday Special Blowouts

Not to forget:

President’s Day, Boxing Day, Pancake Tuesday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Labor Day, Remembrance Day, Thanksgiving, May Day…

Hell, you could even do a “I just recovered from herpes!” sale… if you had the right audience (and a thick skin).

It all seems a bit crazy right?

Do you really need an excuse to send tons of emails and make loads of offers?

Well, actually YES it makes a BIG difference (and I’m speaking from testing conversion rates here not just anecdotally) …

It’s not an excuse, it’s a REASON for doing something and as human beings we’re programmed to want to know WHY something happened.

“Why did he shoot that man?

We’re confused, maybe slightly scared and unsettled if there’s a gun crime in our local bar for no reason.

“Turns out he was having an affair with his wife”

Gasp! So that’s what it was… ok ok. Now it instantly becomes more understandable, at least.

Not right, not good, but understandable.

If you give your customers a REASON they’ll more readily accept things you do in your business.

Reason examples:

The REASON for you increasing the price on your memberships is because the monthly bill for your hosting has increased and you need to pass some of that along to your customers.

You can offer a BIG reduction in price of one of your products because the line is being discontinued.

You can give your reason in your sales email, on your sales page or during the checkout process.

It’s the BECAUSE factor.

And its game -changing, trust me.

Tell them WHY something is happening or something has changed.

It’s massively effective. Try it and you can thank me later!