Effortless Strategy: Adding Four or Five Figures to Your Online Income in Less Than 60 Minutes!

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Let’s get straight down to it…

To add a few thousand dollars in profit to your online business in less than an hour, you can do two things:

1. Provide more value (and charge accordingly).

2. Offer something to your audience that has high perceived value and a high-ticket price.

The strategy I’m about to share does BOTH these things.

I’m talking about making a simple decision and then taking an hour to put an offer into place that can be life-changing.

The Strategy:

Add a personal coaching option to your business.

Yes, that’s it… and it’s easier than you think.

Personally, I don’t offer coaching despite having been asked countless times.

But I’ve seen marketers go from being stuck around the $3k a month income level, to crossing 5 and 6 figures a month – just by offering personal coaching.

All they did was add personal coaching option for their customers, existing subscribers, and to all new subscribers who came onto their list.

One marketer I know, pretty much added it as an afterthought kind of offer, albeit priced higher than anything he had priced before (still only around $1,000 although that seemed like a lot to him back then)…

Because he liked the idea of working on a one-to-one basis with a couple of people.

Even he wasn’t sure where the idea came from – but he just wanted to see what would happen.

And he sure as hell wasn’t prepared for the push that followed!

He forgot to tell his list that there were only three slots available when he emailed for the offer…

Because he hadn’t expected more than two people at MOST to take up his offer.

But he got the shock of his life when he checked his bank account later that day to find $10,000 had already arrived!

While the money was very welcome, he now had to scramble and close the offer so that he had time to work with all his new clients.

That push took his business to the next level and he’s never looked back.

This is an example of the benefits that can be accrued when you make such radical changes.

Once you attain a new level you rarely drop back to where you were before

Till today, this marketer constantly has coaching clients on some level, from $1,000 email coaching to $12,000 VIP clients.

And here’s another characteristic of this strategy:


55 minutes! That’s HOW FAST IT IS.

It took ages for him to make a breakthrough… but when it happened, it was fast!

Like the late singer, Prince, once said:

“Sometimes it takes years for a person to become an overnight success!”

It took years for this marketer to transition from making just a few thousand dollars a month to suddenly breaking through the five-figure barrier.

He had been operating at the same income level for years, until he had a realization about what needed to be done and implemented a specific strategy.

Upon implementing this strategy, the shift happened swiftly, akin to the time it took to design and send out an offer.

From creating a basic sales page and sending out a coaching offer, a transformation that occurred within a span of 55 minutes.

And YOU can do the exact same!

Adding personal coaching to your business can earn you thousands more.

You can set the barrier wherever you wish.

Even if you don’t have a lot of experience, there will always be people who know less than you, and that you can help, nurture, work with, and encourage with your coaching.

You don’t need to create any products.

All you need is a simple sales page and a way to take payment.

You can build that in 20 minutes.

Yes, it might feel like a big step in terms of confidence. But once you’ve worked with one client you’ll never look back, I promise.

Listen… there’s nothing noble in struggling for years before realizing you could multiply your income five-fold by just adding a personal coaching option.

This might be the solution for you!

Why I Don’t Offer Coaching…

You may be wondering why I don’t use this strategy if it’s so great.

An understandable concern.

The answer is quite simple – these days I prefer less personal interaction with people.

For years, I was on stage entertaining crowds at weddings, events, cruise ships, etc. After I stopped all of that and came online, I preferred to just quietly do my thing.

Furthermore, coaching clients can be a pain in the ass – and I just don’t have the patience for it.

My strengths are in writing, content creation… and annoying my wife. So I avoid coaching anyone.

But you’re NOT me.

You might love interacting with people and helping them to succeed.

So give coaching a try and you’ll not only feel more fulfilled in your business… but your bank statements will look a lot more exciting.