The “Big M” Tactic: Your Go-To Strategy for Rescuing a Struggling Online Business

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It’s ‘Harsh Truth’ time!

What you’re currently doing isn’t working?

So you have to change something to make it work.

Here’s what to do:

Work BACKWARDS from your intended goal.

Sometimes, you need to take a few steps back to see the whole picture clearly. So do the moonwalk and get a clear perspective.

If your goal is to sell 100 copies of your $197 course per month (bringing in $19,7000 per month) then acknowledge that it’s not working, and admit it’s to use ‘The Big M Method”

I’m talking about shifting your thinking to the MACRO LEVEL (M for Macro)

This is where you forget the small detail and look at the big picture only.

Look at your ultimate goal and focus on a way to do it.


Because below is where most unsuccessful marketers go wrong:

They start looking at the small detail BEFORE they have an overall strategy in their heads.

And that’s what is needed at this point…

Clarity of Your Overall Strategy

When Evander Holyfield first fought Mike Tyson in what became a legendary boxing match, Holyfield knew that Tyson could hurt him badly with one good punch.

So Holyfield had a single strategy:

Don’t let him land a punch!

(If I was fighting Mike Tyson I think that would probably be MY strategy too. Either that or running away.)

So he boxed carefully around Tyson to get him tired, angry and frustrated and eventually Holyfield won the bout on a technical knockout.

He concentrated on that single, overall strategy and it clinched it for him (although Tyson did bite some of his ear off in the rematch.)

Focus on the MACRO not the detail to begin with.

Using the same example as earlier – If your goal is to sell 100 copies of your $197 course per month (bringing in $19,7000 per month) then focus on a MACRO strategy to do that.

Get the big picture CLEAR in your mind.

One that you can explain and understand in a few words or sentences.

So if your current strategy – the one that isn’t working – is (for example):

“Using paid solo ads to sell my course on my website and market other products through email isn’t getting the results I want.”

Then rethink by looking at the bigger picture.

Get in your metaphorical helicopter and look DOWN on your strategy from a great height.

Which means thinking about the same end result, but finding a different way of getting there.

So instead maybe consider:

Sell my course using ClickBank and use their built-in affiliate marketplace to recruit affiliates who will sell for me and send me traffic.


Sell my course by building a Facebook group populated with people I can help and interact with personally, and offer them my course.


Convert my course into a physical, bound home study course and sell it with my personal support as a premium product using Facebook ads to publicize it.


Convert my course into a year-long, one-time payment offer delivered through a drip-fed membership site and offer affiliates a chunky commission to recommend it to their audiences.

Get it?

From struggling with a method that wasn’t working to having FOUR alternative possible strategies.

All by looking at it ONLY from the MACRO level!

From the bird’s eye view.

Seeing the big end result that you want to accomplish.

Then listing as many alternative ways as you can possibly think of to achieve that goal.


They create a product or service, try ONE way of selling it and when the results don’t arrive they blame themselves and their product.

They think it ‘doesn’t work’ and quit.

But consider this…

How many methods did you try to train your dog?

How many methods did you try to get your baby sleeping through the night?

How many methods did you try to get rid of those rats or mice in your garage?

How many methods did you try before you found that cake recipe that actually worked?

More than one I guarantee.

But somehow when it comes to selling that ebook you put your valuable time and effort into creating, you try just one method then assume it won’t sell?

Why do we do this?!!

I’m not going to lie. I made this mistake too before…

Thankfully, I wised up.

These days, I try new approaches when I’m burned out from constant failure with the existing method.

It doesn’t have to be a big change.

Even something as simple as moving from free traffic to paid traffic can make things click into place.


It’s just a different route to the same destination – but one that isn’t inaccessible through fallen trees or flooded lanes.

Give the ‘M’ Method a try. You’ll never look back!